Our Vision

Founded in 2013, Image By Noah has withheld our goal of providing premium quality content without compromise. Our team has diverse experience in professional production, giving us perfect combined skills to take on any size task. We value each individual project and work directly with you to create exactly what you’re looking for. 

Our Team

Noah Mendez

CEO + Creative Director

I was gifted my first camera, at 13,  which empowered me to create. Since I started this brand I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience from small events (primarily weddings) all the way to commercial production. You might have even seen some of my work on GoPro, Ford, GM, Jeep and other brands!

Will hughes

Cinematographer & Lead Editor

Although he’s the second youngest on our team, you’d never know through his work ethic. Will is someone who’s consistently improving, learning and gives us a taste of what’s trendy at the moment. He’ll be the first to arrive and the last to leave!

Steve ridener


A true breed creative! Give Steve any camera and you’ll be amazed. His unique perspective brings great value to the films we create. Steve is the “Tech Geek” of our team, he knows just about everything! Outside of working at Apple, Steve enjoys traveling and cars!

Zack Mason


jacob Bobby

production assitant/Editor

As a new and youngest member of our team, Jacob 

jacob miller

production assitant/Intern

Jacob is fun, outgoing and an efficient compliment to the team! Jake enjoys traveling, writing and his Jeep!

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